Chef Claire

Growing up in the Orient, Claire’s parents would often take her and her siblings to hole-in-the-wall eateries with their vats of steaming noodles and large tanks of moving crabs and lobsters.  She can still vividly recall the smells and colours of soya glazed squid and corn being barbecued by the side of the road. Who knew these adventures would have such a profound impact and eventually influence her desire to pursue a culinary career?

Claire started her career working in the front end of restaurants: learning the ins and outs of the service industry, how to give patrons an experience to remember, and how to make the elusive perfect martini.  She couldn’t resist the lure of the kitchen and she enrolled in the Pierre Dubrulle International Culinary School in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Upon graduation she cut her teeth working alongside the illustrious John Bishop of Bishops Restaurant in Vancouver. Under his tutelage and the watchful eye of Chef Dennis Green, she blossomed.  After a two year stint as Executive Sous Chef at a private golf club, Claire launched her independent career in catering.  She found it perfectly melded her experience in service with her culinary wizardry.

Over the years many prominent people have come to know and rely on the exceptional quality and flavours of Claire’s creations. She was lead chef for Stan Smith Events at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, where clients included corporate presidents of Pepsi, American Express and Lufthansa. Claire also catered to Al Pacino while the star was in Northern BC filming “Insomnia”.

Even though using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients are a integral part of every dish, Claire is always excited to venture around the world and explore new cuisines and cultures collecting ideas that further translate into her own creations and her global approach to food.

Catering has enabled her to combine her passion for food and people to orchestrate events that her clients never forget.