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Lunch sandwiches wraps Menu

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-Please remember to review our services and ordering document-


9.50- each

Minimum order of 10

Our sandwiches are served on a variety of breads, housemade focaccia

and rustic buns, housemade chutney and aiolis

GF Gluten Free bread options are available 1.50 additional per selection

Vegan options are available 2.00 additional per selection

grilled chicken, brie, housemade apple chutney

oceanwise-tinysmoked salmon, cucumber, dill cream cheese

classic egg with a hint of curry

roast beef, horseradish mayo, caramelized onion

brie, cucumber, sundried tomato pesto

grilled balsamic vegetables, goatcheese, basil aioli

oven roasted turkey, housemade cranberry chutney

smoked bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato

oceanwise-tinytuna salad, red onion, celery

Italian salami, roasted peppers

rosemary ham, grainy mustard aioli, swiss

cappicoli, fig jam, asiago

chicken and grape salad


6- per person

Minimum order of 10 ‐


chefs daily soup selection


lunch salad 10-

Side salad 6-

Minimum order of 10 per choice

grilled vegetables marinated in honey and lime

pasta, marinated feta, sundried tomatoes, grilled artichokes

sweet potato and corn chipotle

Israeli couscous pickled eggplant, preserved lemon and mint

organic greens, candied pecans, goat cheese croutons, strawberries, maple vinaigrette

orzo, sweet peas, preserved lemon, mint

traditional greek salad

moroccan spiced organic quinoa, sundried fruits, orange vinaigrette

vine-ripened tomato, basil, bocconcini, pickled red onion

kale caesar salad ,lemon and garlic

classic caesar, roasted garlic croutons

classic potato salad, buttermilk dressing

crisp spinach leaves, egg, bacon, mushrooms, dijon dressing

salad greens with julienne seasonal vegetables, gazpacho vinaigrette

-add grilled chicken 7-

oceanwise-tiny– add grilled salmon 10-

– add grilled flank steak 12-


GF Gluten Free options are available 1.50 additional per selection


each 4.25

triple chocolate brownies

zesty lemon


• seasonal cheesecake 

Lemon & Raspberry

the loaded cookie

each 3.50

sundried fruit, pecans, chocolate oats, dried ginger

fruit and sweetz platter

7.50- per person

seasonal fresh fruit assortment of bars and cookies


san pellegrino, limonata/aranciata 2.25

bottled water & juice 1.95

fentimens – ginger beer, curiosity cola, victorian lemonade, mandarin/seville orange jigger 2.75

oceanwise legend

catered lunch sandwiches wraps 4