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GF – Gluten Free

Based on a two hour event our platters serve the following number of guests:

S – small platter: 10 – 15 guests

M – medium platter: 15 – 25 guests

 L – large platter: 25 – 40 guests

Local & Imported Cheese Selection – GF

S ‐120 M ‐160 L ‐240

sundried fruits, fig jam, candied pecans

baguette and chef claire’s housemade crackers

Herb Roasted Turkey Breast – GF

S ‐125 M ‐155 L ‐175

slow roasted turkey sliced thin, housemade cranberry relish

grainy mustard, thyme aioli, artisan breads

Dijon, Rosemary Crusted Beef Tenderloin – GF

S ‐179 M ‐200 L ‐275

dijon mustard, horseradish aioli, caramelized onions, petit organic milk buns

oceanwise-tinySmoked Salmon – GF

S ‐115 M ‐140 L ‐175

served in the classic way: cream cheese, capers, red onion

Mediterranean Meze Platter

S -150  L-195

marinated eggplant, hummus, pickled beets, stuffed grapevine leaves

white bean roasted garlic dip, marinated Feta and olives

sundried tomato tapenade, crudites for dipping

grilled pita scented with Sumac

Fresh Fruit Platter – GF

S ‐75 M ‐100 L ‐140

Farmers Market Garden Crudités -GF

S ‐60 M ‐95 L ‐120

Tuscan Antipasto

S ‐85 M ‐120 L ‐170

grilled seasonal vegetables, marinated olives, artichokes

sliced italian meats, cheeses, roasted garlic

housemade focaccia wedges

oceanwise-tinyAsian Tuna Tataki Platter

S ‐95  M ‐125 L ‐170

ginger marinated albacore tuna cooked rare

sliced thin pickled ginger, soya aioli

Moroccan Spiced Leg of Lamb – GF

one size -175 …… feeds 20

rubbed with ras el hanout, harissa aioli, cucumber

coriander yogurt, grilled flatbreads

oceanwise-tinyWarm Crab and Candied Corn “Dip”

one size -125 …… feeds 20-25

garlic crostini

oceanwise-tinyFennel Cured Wild Salmon Medallions – GF

One size – 200 ….. feeds 20-25

grilled, preserved lemon and dill aioli, crusty baguette

Porchetta and Crackling – GF

S ‐105 M ‐150 L ‐195

salsa verde aioli, petit buns

Mezze of Dips – GF

8 per cup – minimum 3 cups per order

white bean, roasted garlic, rosemary

green olive, preserved lemon tapenade

smoked paprika hummus

sundried tomato, basil, chêvre

wild mushroom tapenade

roasted beet, feta tapenade

roasted garlic tzatziki

served with pita crisps, roasted garlic crostini


flat breads, baguette, wonton crisps

Tuscan Grilled Vegetables – GF

S ‐85 M ‐115 L ‐200

farm market vegetables grilled,

pomegranate molasses, fresh herbs

Honey Balsamic Oven Roasted Ham – GF

S ‐95 M ‐125 L ‐155

grainy mustard, housemade apple and pear chutney

artisan breads

The “Steakhouse”

S ‐105 M ‐135 L ‐195

grilled flank steak, petit kaisers

oceanwise legend