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Services and Ordering Information


Supervisor: 45/hour

Bartenders: 35/hour

Servers: 35/hour

Chefs: 40/hour

Solo staffing: 50/hour

4 hours minimum after 8 hours rate is x 1.5


We would be happy to look after all of your rental requirements.

Our fee is 20% of the cost of the rental.


There is a 30% gratuity charge applied to catered functions only.

Based on the food and beverage portion of your bill.


We require a final guest count 72 hours prior to functions.

Increases in the guest count are workable however we are not able to accommodate a decrease in your guest count.


A non refundable 25% deposit is required to confirm event date,

an additional 50% due two weeks prior to the event and a final invoice will be processed after completion of the event.

Deliveries / Placing orders

All orders must be placed by 2:00pm the day before your event.

If your event is on Monday, the order must be received by Friday 2:00pm.

Deliveries can be made from 7:30am‐4:30pm Monday‐Friday.

Please contact 604.875.6400 for early morning, weekend and evening deliveries.

Delivery rates start at $35.00

Platter Pickup

All platters and serving utensils will be picked up within 48hrs after the function. Please ensure all trays are rinsed and in one area for pickup.

If additional trips are required, a pickup charge will be applied. Any missing or damaged platters caused by the client will be invoiced separately

Sunday Functions

A minimum food order of $2500 is required