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Food in a Bowl Menu

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The Farm

spicy chorizo, white bean and tomato ragoût

fresh herb oil

butter chicken, basmati pilaf, fresh coriander

Morrocan spiced lamb pie with currants and apricots

crusted with mashed yams

chicken and mushroom potpie

beef à la bourguignon

celeriac purèe

The Earth

butternut squash risotto, shaved

parmesan and candied pecans

chickpea, pumpkin and coconut curry

ratatouille, goatcheese croutons

Moroccan spiced chickpea and spinach “tangine”

harissa aioli, pistachio praline

The Sea

oceanwise-tinymiso marinated sablefish, crispy rice cakes,

pea sprout salad

oceanwise-tinyhot smoked salmon, apple and fennel slaw

creamy tarragon and horseradish drizzle

oceanwise-tinytuna tataki, asian vegetable slaw, miso aioli

oceanwise legend